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Participating community introduction



Sponsoring organization name:Kirakihime Festival

Tournament name: Kirakihime Festival

Participating title: LoL:Wild Rift


🔸Appeal point

We hold tournaments for a wide range of levels, from beginners to advanced players!

We also host many tournaments that are as close to beginners as possible!!!

In addition, we have made it easy for beginners to understand even at high-level tournaments.

I will be adding explanations etc.!!!


Number of general conferences held in 2023: 2

Total number of participants for the 2023 competition: 75

Maximum number of participants in past tournaments: 150

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The total reward is 2,000 USD (approximately 300,000 yen)

There are opportunities to earn rewards in each of the three seasons: Major, Post, and Final Season.
If you come in first place in all seasons, you can earn a total of 1,000 USD (approximately 150,000 yen).

​* Immediate reward deposit processing will be carried out as soon as the rankings are determined for each season.

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