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The stage is set!
Let's JACK the world!

About TOT

A tournament to determine the No. 1 mobile MOBA organizer and organization in Asia!

​Compete in the number of attendees, scale, and frequency of conferences to strive for the top as an organizer!



TOT stands for "Tournaments of Tournament", is a tournament for community tournament organizers.

It is a project to support organizers, aiming to develop their communities together by competing for the excitement of tournaments where fans of their titles gather.

Through TOT, we aim to bring benefits to community leaders who play a behind-the-scenes role in the eSports industry, and to create a society where diverse communities can be more active.

TOT SEA details

Target Participant

  • Community Tournament Organizers

    • No restrictions on the participants

    • No restrictions on the size, number of participants, or frequency of tournaments 

Tournament details

  • Date:2024.4.8~8.8 (A block)

  • Date:2024.5.1~8.30 (B block)

  • ​Entry Fee:Free​

  • ​Total Prize Pool:16,000USD+Sponsored Products

Tournament rules

Rankings will be determined based on the cumulative total of points earned.

 【Point Eligibility】​

  1. Number of tournaments held

  2. Number of participants

  3. Maximum number of participants per month

  4. ​Percentage increase in participants

  5. Title of the event

​*Points are calculated based on our own scoring system

Game Titles

  1. Arena of Valor​

  2. League of Legends: Wild Rift

  3. Mobile Legends

  4. Pokémon UNITE

  5. HONOR OF KINGS(王者栄耀)

  6. JUMP Assemble (Coming Soon)

Game Titles

Pre-registration form

If you would like to participate in the tournament, please fill out the pre-registration form from the link below.

Participating Communities

Benefits of Participation for Community Organizers

We offer two monetization mechanisms to support your community activities and to help you to grow your community.

​①Community BOOST Reward Pool

《All communities are eligible》


TOT provides a mechanism for community organizers to be rewarded through community activities. In addition to holding projects in each country, TOT supports community activities through real-world quests in which communities around the world could collaborate and compete with each other.

​②Corporate Sponsor Matching

《For active community》


JACK IT, which manages TOT, will support the community through the project by gathering sponsors who share the ideas and vision of the community. Collaborating with companies who shares the same values will elevate the community and create an environment where the community can continue to grow.

Supporting Partners

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