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Tournament Rules

TOT English ver..png

【Basic Points】


1pt will be earned per tournament. ex. If 3 tournaments are held, 3pts will be earned.

・Tournament participants

1pt for every 40 participants. 1pt will be awarded for 0 to 40 participants, and 2pts for 41 to 80

participants in a single tournament.

・Maximum number of participants in a single tournament

1~5pts will be awarded for the tournament with the highest number of participants per month. 

Maximum of 1 entry per tournament.

・Participant percentage increase

1pt will be awarded for every 10% increase in the maximum number of participants during the TOT period. Please note that this is not an increase rate calculation compared to the previous tournament.
Example:) If three tournaments are held on March 10, 20, and 30, and 80 participants attend the tournament on March 10, 50 attend the tournament on March 20, and 100 attend the tournament on March 30, the percentage increase from 80 participants on March 10 to 100 participants on March 30 will be counted as the percentage point increase. Therefore, the percentage increase would be 125% and 2 pts would be earned.

【Category point】

For each game category there will be a separate ranking table, 1pt~5pts will be awarded in order of the number of basic points.

TOT English ver. (1).png


Total prize pool is 8,000USD.

You will have a chance to win rewards in each of the three seasons: major, post, and final season.
If you finish first in all seasons, you can win a total of 4,000USD.

*Reward deposits will be processed immediately after the rankings are determined for each season and will take approximately 7 days.

TOT English ver. (2).png

【Season System】

Three-season system: Majors, Post, and Finals.

The top finishers in each season will be rewarded, and there is a chance to win rewards in all seasons.

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